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IV. Meeting Blue Knights Czech Republic I

Dear Knights we would like to invite you to our meeting in the year 2017 which takes place in lovely Slovakia that is surrounded by marvelous and mystically places.  

Term: 24.08. – 27.08.2017

Place: hotel ROYAL, Látky, Slovakia 

GPS: 48°35'52.6"N 19°39'39.1"E 

(LINK: http://www.hotelroyal.sk) 

For those who would like to explore more Slovakia we offer the opportunity to stay in the hotel till Monday (21.08.2017). The program itself starts on Thursday with bike trips. Some members of our Blue Knights Crew plan to be at the hotel from Monday, so there will be always somebody, who can help you to plan the trips or to ride with.  






Thursday: Bike trips 

Friday: Bike trips, welcome Ceremonial, music (our famous band) and grill party, beers or drinks (limited). 

Friday and Saturday: Graceful bike ride, with a visit of:

Krasna Horka castle:  http://www.slovensky-kras.eu/info/kam-za-pamiatkami/514-2/


Dobsinska Ice Cave: http://www.ssj.sk/en/jaskyna/6-dobsinska-ice-cave#fotogaleria


Banska Stiavnica – old town, castle and Mining Museum - visit gold mines underground: http://www.muzeumbs.sk/banske-muzeum-v-prirode/,



Slovak National Gallery – Zvolen Castle and Pustý hrad -Deserted Castle: http://www.pustyhrad.com/fotogaleria_hornyhrad.php


And we prepare more…… 

  1. It will be prepared charity event also... 

(Lunch will be provided during travel outside the entrance - paid by the rider.) 

Sunday: and good bay (till 12:00). 

Contact / Reservation 




Thursday – Sunday: 180,- Euro (the price includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, wifi, celebration costs in hotel ROYAL***, Latky – per one person accommodated 2 persons in double room or 3 persons in triple room ). 

Thursday – Sunday: 230,- Euro (the price includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, wifi, celebration costs in hotel ROYAL***, Latky – per one person in double room alone ). 

Thursday – Sunday: 150,- Euro (the price includes accommodation in cottages for 10-13 guests with bathroom , breakfast, dinner, celebration costs, in cottages in areal hotel ROYAL***, Latky – it will be available on special request after hotel ROYAL***, Latky will be full. 

Photo: Hotel with cottages for 10-13 guests 

Monday – Sunday: normal price plus 42.5 Euro per room and day with breakfast. - the possibility of reservation is opened for 50,-Euro.

The possibility of reservation will be after 01.03.2017. 

Please download and fill out the application form for our meeting on our Facebook Profile: 


or on our websites: 



Euro payments: 210739801/2700

IBAN: CZ7227000000002107397801


contact registration: